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This Page was last updated March 14th,1998 at 12:49 PM EST

Sites Even Tommy would like

Dreamer Sights And Sounds
Pictures and Sounds of the "Innovator Of Violence"
Bio of Dreamer
The Biography/History of Tommy Dreamer
Best Gawd Damn WWF/ECW Site in the world
Home of the Best Gawd Damn Newsboard on the net with Too Sweet.....and I get some Dreamer stuff from here
Best Gawd Damn WCW Site in the world
Also home of the best Gawd Damn newsboard around
The Wrestling Spoiler
A Great Site with ALOT of links
K-Rock and TooSweet's Wrestling Headlines
Best Gawd Damn newsboard on the Internet
Fantasy Wrestling Federation
A Fantasy Wrestling League I'm in
The OFFICIAL Site of Extreme Championship Wrestling
This is where I get some info on Tommy
Alot of news,always right,never wrong
Best Wrestling Site AROUND!
PhenaBomb WWW Site
Best Place to get Wrestling Themes from
OFFICAL Site of Denis Leary
just go here!
Ringsongs Wrestling Themes
Click the Link
Another good site
Just Click
Hades' Wrestling
A DAMN Good site,with it's own REAL AUDIO Show and a GOOD Newsboard
ECW's Job Squad
1-2-3 4 Life!

You've been taken to the EXTREME times.

Bryan Simek