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Name: Tommy Dreamer

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 260

Hometown: Yonkers,New York

Trained By: Johnny Rodz

Pro Debut: Lost To Curley Moe on October 29th,1989

Title(s) Held: CWA Title (Won from Tony Atlas),ECW World Tag Team (Won With Johnny Gunn/Lost With Shane Douglas)

Marital Status: Single (But dating Beulah)

Tommy's 5 Biggest Accomplishments:

1. Pinning Raven in the middle of the ring at Wrestlepalooza'97

2. Pinning Jerry "The King" Lawler at ECW's Second PPV Hardcore Heaven '97

3. Giving his #1 ECW World Title contendership spot to his mentor,Terry Funk

4. Proving he was Extreme by not only taking 10 Singapore Cane shots from the Sandman but asking for more!

5. Helping the Sandman in his fued against Sabu and "Mr.Monday Night" Rob Van Dam

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I would appricate if someone could give me some Dreamer history from when he debuted in 1989 to now...just give me stuff to add on. You will recieve full credit for it!

Tommy Dreamer debuted in ECW in 1993 against the Tasmanic (TAZ) in one of the first matches for EASTERN Championship Wrestling (Thanks to for that info).Then in 1994,in a prematch stipulation in a match with the Sandman,Tommy Dreamer was forced to take TEN Singapore Cane shots from the Sandman! A bloody Dreamer now only took them.....but he ASKED FOR MORE!!! Also during his "fued" with the Sandman he "blinded" the Sandman. Then he earned the respect of the Sandman. But soon after that in about Early 1995 Raven started a fued with Tommy Dreamer. Tommy oculd never seem to pin Raven. Then Raven brought in a friend from both Tommy and Raven's Childhood. This "friend" was none other then the beautiful Beulah McGillicutty!! Now by this time Tommy was already becoming the "Innovator Of Violence" by using frying pans,chairs,road signs and other weapons! But Beulah had brought a new weapon....hairspray to the eyes! Which Dreamer had happen to him in his matches with Raven. Then in 1996 Beulah had announced she was pregnant! Raven beat the crap outta Stevie Richards cause he thought Richards did it...but then Beula said it's not Stevie's Baby...It's Tommy's! Beulah then got a beating from Raven! Dreamer came to her aid! Then Beulah became the manager/valet of Dreamer! But with this Beulah also brought a fued to Dreamer. You see Beulah was fueding with Francine so that would bring up Dreamer/Beulah vs. Douglas/Francine matches in 97' But back to 96'. Raven brought in another woman...this time it was Kimona Wanalaya! She helped out Raven but then in June of 96' "Franchise" Shane Douglas announced to the world that Kimona was cheating on Raven....he said it wasn't with was with BEULAH?!?!?! Raven then was just shocked as Beulah and Kimona KISSED in the middle of the Ring......Dreamer was okay with all of this because "he's hardcore" Soon after Kimona left ECW after her infamous "striptease"! In the mean tie Dreamer then was fueding with the Triple Threat....mainly "Prime Time" Brian Lee (To any WWF Fans,Lee is Chainz of the DOA) Well after many kinds of matches Dreamer killed Lee in amany matches! Then at CyberSlam 97' Tommy Dreamer offered his spot to fight at ECW's FIRST Pay-Per-View,Barely Legal,Also the match was for a chance to fight Raven and become ECW World Champion. Well Dreamer offered his spot to his mentor,Terry Funk! Dreamer helped Funk win the title by DDTing Raven! Then at the next ECW Arena Show in a "FINAL MATCH" between Raven (With Lupus and Chastity) and Tommy Dreamer (With Beulah). Even though Louie Spicolli TRIED to prevent Dreamer from winning. Dreamer FINALLY pinned Raven after a DDT on a Do Not Enter Sign! Then the lights went out and out come "Mr.Monday Night" Rob Van Dam and nailed Dreamer with the Van Daminator! Then the lights went out and out came SABU who was helping Van Dam! Then again the lights went out as JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER came out and helped Sabu and Van Dam beat up Dreamer! Then the Sandman came out and was attacked by Team WWF! Dreamer and The Sandman tried for months to defeat Team WWF but failed most of the time! Then at ECW's SECOND Pay-Per-View Dreamer faced off against JERRY LAWLER! Dreaner won even after attacks by Jake Roberts and Sunny (Who was attacked by Ms.McGillicutty) In a mixed Tag Match Dreamer/Beulah defeated RVD/Bill Alphonzo when Beulah pinned Alphonzo with her Beulahcanrana! Then at ECW's 3rd PPV Dreamer and RVD fought to a no-contest in a flag match when STEVIE RICHARDS,DOUG FURNAS AND PHIL LAFON ALL Helped to attack Dreamer! Last Night (12/7/97) Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman lost a tag match to Sabu and Rob Van Dam after 'Heel' Ref Jeff Jones made a fast three count on Dreamer!! Also in the match Alphonzo took away a screaming Beulah McGillicutty and the Sandman left during the match as TAZ came out then when Alphonzo said Sabu couldn't be beat by anybody! Now Dreamer was heading Team Extreme (Himself/Sandman/Al Snow/TAZ) Against Team Titan (Furnas/LaFon/Van Dam/Sabu). But most recently Tommy teamed up with Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten to take on the Self Proclaimed ECW Six Men Tag Champions the Full Blooded Italians. Dreamer/Balls/Axl on when Dreamer DDT'd Little Guido. Jeff Jones broke up the three count and then recieved a DDT by ECW Ref Jim Molino (SP?) So as Jim covered Jeff and Dreamer covered Guido BEULAH made the three count! And then after the match the "Big Don" Tommy Rich made sure everyone knew that it was a NON-Title bout and that the FBI were still the "ECW 6 Man Tag Team Champions" At Hostile City Showdown 98' as they we doing a 10 bell salute to Tommy's late grandfather,JUSTIN CREDIBLE came out and interupted it and said "Tommy,you know....I wish it was YOU that died insted of Grandpa Joe" Now all angles,etc. aside..a man is dead here and we have Justin Credible comming out and making fun of him and emotionally hurtting Tommy...come on Paul! You should know better! Although Tommy did wrestle he wrestled the Dudleys (And he had The Sandman to help him) he got into it with New Jack and I'm pretty sure somehow he got into it with John Kronus! Now there's a 3 way dance that I'd love to see...Dudleys vs. Dreamer/Sandman vs. Gangstanators...But it looks like good ol' Tommy's gonna haveta kill PJ Walker (Justin Credible) for his remarks about his dead grandfather...all I haveta say about this is....Tommy..don't go after his heart...cause anyone that would go through with that kind of angle is missing one! Well on 2/21/98 (Day be4 my B-Day)it was Tommy Dreamer vs. Justin Credible in a first blood match,all in was an okay match...but after Rob Van Dam came down to the ringside area with Barbed Wire...Tommy lost...and after he lost Beulah was on the receiving end of That's Incredible via J.Credible! Then came Living Dangerously. Tommy vs. Credible..Another great match by the Innovator Of Violence as Nicole Bass,Jason,Beulah and Mikey Whipwreck ALL get involved..but in the end it is Dreamer DDTing J.Credible for the 3 count! This brings Tommy's PPV record to 2-1 and in ALL his PPV matches someone has come out to attack's the list of attackers: Tammy "Sunny" Sytch,Jake "The Snake" Roberts,Doug Furnas,Phil LaFon,Stevie Richards (God Bless ya Stevie..hope u comeback soon),Nicole Bass and Jason...that's 7 attackers in 3 PPVS...this proves how EXTREME Tommy REALLY is!

SPECIAL NOTE: This whole site is going to be deicated to the memory of Tommy's Grandfather

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