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      Well I'm just doing my bi-weekly update here....things to talk 

First off on a personal note I am doing articles at: now..the name of the article is Point Blank 
(also is the picture of me with Terri "Marlena" Runnles)

      Now onto busniess...Let's see...Hello,My name is Bryan and I'm 
a chic-oholic (I would have put chicoholic but we got morons here 
that would think I mean I'm obessed with Mexican men). I know that's 
one of my biggest problems,the fact that I worry 
WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much about girls...but I can't
 help myself. I mean I'm 14 and ALL my friends at one time or another
 had a to me I feel like I'm a failure when they 
have/had girlfriends and I don't have one. Now that seems silly to 
you but that's the truth...maybe that's why I need these 'Net 
girlfriends (ie: Michelle and Vivian) although if I could find 
someone to go with me Saturday then maybe Michelle will become my 
real life gf (I doubt it though...depends). So there I've stated my 
problem....I have another problem,with certain people, but I don't 
feel like making it public cause I don't want to MAJORLY offend 
anyone of my "friends"

"Teenage Franchise" Bryan

"So tell me 
Can you heal what father's done? 
Or fix this hole in mother's son? 
Can you heal the broken worlds within? 
Can you strip away so we may start again? 
Tell me 
Can you heal what father's done? 
Or cut this rope and let us run? 
Just when all seems fine 
And I'm pain free 
You jab another pin 
Jab another pin in me" MetallicA "Fixxxer" 1997


"Just remember Hollywood,you have people that when you're face to face
they are smiling but behind your back they can't WAIT to stab you in 
the back.....BRUTHA!!!!!" Kevin Nash 1998 (that quote is for Dan)

Bryan Simek

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