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Hey Everyone....Welcome to my Triple W page...this is for all my 
friends on AOHELL (AOL) and for all my friends on the 'Net AND 
for all my friends that have ICQ. I'll add more when the time comes
So until then let me give my "shout outs" to my friends:

Jenny Allen - My Main Chica From ICQ,U know I luv ya
Michelle - I luv ya 2 death too,you're my main chica from AOL
Alyssa - Told ya I'd change my act around :-)
Vivian - How's the weather in New Zealand
Sabina - The Rangers....They Suck! :)
And to Everyone else that comes here...Remember Biggest is better 
and at 5'9" 160lbs I'm the damn best!!!

Bryan Simek
United States